Otsutsuki is still a thorn in the side of Konoha Boruto: Naruto the next generationscontinue to be a global threat. With Masashi Kishimoto's return to the script of the manga, we take the opportunity to review the events of Chapter 54 together.

The last edition ended with a major twist that brought a new enemy into play after Isshiki. Just like we expected from Boruto thanks to the first chapter 54 spoilers, Momoshiki has actually taken control of Boruto's body and after healing the little ninja's wounds, he hit and injured Sasuke and Kawaki.

The latter throws himself in defense of his friend against Boruto's body, but Momoshiki knocks him down in a few simple steps. The Otsutsuki understands that he can do the same procedure with Kawaki that Isshiki intended with Boruto: that is Use it as an offering to the divine tree. If the fight continues Naruto tries to get up and force himselfBefore he realizes that his body is heavier than ever, however, he passes out again.

During the fight, Sasuke realizes that Momoshiki is avoiding absorbing the chakra, but cannot explain why. Nevertheless, he decides to keep his promise and, if necessary, kill Boruto by activating the Amaterasu. Momoshiki manages to escape from all his techniques, always without absorbing them, so that the Uchiha can understand his weakness. He succeeded in manifesting himself in Boruto precisely because the ninja had run out of chakra and, if he received it under these conditions, he would favor his awakening. His thoughts are interrupted by the vanishing Rasengan Hit Sasuke in the chest and knock him to the ground.

Frustrated, Kawaki tries to get closer and sets himself and Momoshiki on fire near the opponent, who is forced to absorb the technology to prevent him from suicide. Thanks to this intuition, Boruto wakes up and smashes the horn on his head to regain control of his body. The two fall to the ground for the first time since meeting Kawaki addresses his friend like a brother.

The worst seems to have been averted, but Sasuke notices something strange about Naruto. The Chapter 55 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations will be released on February 19th.

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