attack on Titan has completed its print version for a while, while the anime adaptation of the final act will require some patience before it can be enjoyed.

MAP is working on many franchises at the same time and the hopes are that the third installment will keep the same quality as the previous ones, if not that it will be superior. The studio recently released the poster for Attack on Titan 4: Part Three, but as we know, it attended the Anime Festival Asia 2022 in Singapore on November 27th.

The franchises discussed in the showcase are Chainsaw Man, Hell's Paradise, Vinland Saga 2 and Attack on Titan. News arrives that the dubbing of the third part is already underway and could be completed by mid-December. There is a photographic glimpse of the event in the Attack on Fans tweet present at the bottom of the news. In the foreground an elegant presenter with a microphone in her hand and a proud look on her right next to four guys from Studio MAPPA. The artists wear Attack on Titan t-shirts and with their eyes on the camera, they sport an expression that seems aware of the large crowd of viewers behind them, waiting to hear more.

More news is likely to come Showcase. In the meantime, you might be interested to read our special on Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2.

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