Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes It's an anime product that lends itself well to a manga transposition, also given the presence of onomatopoeia in some scenes. In the next release there is indeed the anime ban of the latest Toei effort.

After a fan-made Super Hero Version Z poster, the latest news revolves around the comic strip. The latter will be released on December 2, 2022 and the colorful, high-quality cover is online.

It is uploaded by the multi-named Twitter profile DbsHype and the image is therefore visible at the bottom of this message. On November 23, a grainy preview of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was already public in black and white with cartoons on the left. In all its glittering splendor, the cover scan can be divided into an upper and a lower part. In the first Gamma 2 he is about to hit Piccolo with a shot from the space gun while the amazing Namek defends himself with his makankosappo or special cannon in the 90's TV version. At the bottom Gohan in normal form and Gamma 1 nudge each other with a nudge and watch each other commandingly.

From what is shown, you are interested in thoseDragon Ball Super: Superhero Anime Ban? The comment field is ready for you. In the meantime, some Perfect Cell Max fan art might be of interest to you.

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