Tatsuki Fujimoto kept us waiting for over two years, but finally Chainsaw Man Part 2 is here. However, there is very little to say about this phase, which has presented new characters but has yet to fit them well. So readers still can't think about what will be the best part, this new one or the last one.

It was the last that made Fujimoto one of the most followed mangaka. The first part of Chainsaw Man was adrenaline pumping, tearing and poignant at times, but also very philosophical in its own way. The bloodiest and most dramatic phase was the central one, with the arrival of fel hunters from all over the world. One of them was Quanxithe first devil hunter and therefore one of the most powerful.

Kishibe's former partner, the Slayer, has white hair and wears an eyepatch, which hides the trigger to activate her powers. He always surrounds himself with a very specific Majin, with whom he also has carnal relationships. Japanese cosplayer Yush made one great quanxi cosplay as you can see in the following post. Between sword, blood and an inquiring gaze, the strongest devil hunter is ready for a big fight.

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