Just over a month separates us from the Japanese release of Sailor Moon Eternal, the first of two films dedicated to Sailor Warriors that portray the events of the Dead Moon Circus Arc. Prior to the film's release, Toei Animation and Studio Deen shared a new promotional video. shows the epic transformation of the six protagonists.

You will see the teaser in question, which appeared on the news above Sailor Moon and the little Sailor Chibi Moon transform, once again exaggerated with great special effects and plays of light. Just before the trailer ends, you can also see the other four warriors - Sailor Mars, Crystal, Jupiter, and Venus - posing in their battle suits.

Naoko TakeuchiThe author of the manga oversees the history of both films, which are due to be released on January 8 and February 11, 2021 respectively. Chiaki Kon Returns to Sailor Moon Crystal after an excellent job with the third season of Pretty Guardian to direct both feature films Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (JoJo's bizarre adventure) takes care of the script. The anime is produced by Toei animation is DEEN study.

We remind you again The Dead Moon Circus Arc is narrated in volumes 13 to 17 of the mangaand that consequently the series would still have a band to be adapted, number 18. We'll see whether the guys from Toei Animation and Studio DEEN complete the circle with the two films or whether they decide to produce a fourth and final season, maybe with the insertion of original material.

What do you think about it? Are you waiting for this movie? Let us know with a comment! Instead, in case you're looking for new information, check out the latest trailer for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal - The Movie.

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