The return of Tatsuki Fujimoto with the second part of chainsaw man It surprised the readers of the series by the complete absence of the protagonist Denji in the first few chapters. In fact, the author introduced the character of Asa Mitaka and presented various aspects of her life, such as her rather unique connection with the war devil.

Presented as a lonely girl, Asa tries in every way to make friends, and her behavior unfortunately leads her to kill Bucky in front of her classmates, a little devil in the form of a headless chicken that a professor had entrusted to the entire class. An accident that will leave her a victim of abuse until she is killed. Asa can only save herself thanks to the agreement offered to her YouWar Devil who, as Fujimoto already anticipated in the new chapters, wants to build an army and take revenge on the Chainsaw Devil.

Denji and Asa, who attend the same school, have already met, and the boy's revelation of his dual identity could soon lead to the two clashing in their respective devil forms. In the meantime, however, the image of Cover of Volume 12 of Chainsaw Manportraying Yuro himself, with his disturbing red eyes, the color of which also colors the sky, and several buildings in the background.

To finish, we leave you the latest trailer of the Chainsaw Man anime, which is coming soonOctober 11, 2022 in Japan.

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