Eiichiro Oda started the last saga of ONE PIECE Shaking up the New World with a series of news and events as serious as they were unexpected. The chaos caused by the Reverie's decisions, combined with the rise of new emperors and threats, led to an inevitable response from the Navy and world government.

As iMugiwara, led by Momonosuke, moves further and further away from the shores of the Land of Wa, the rest of the world is spreading concern The rebellions began in the name of the Emperor of Flames, Sabo, after the assassination of King Cobra. In chapter 1060 of the manga, Sabo contacts Dragon and reveals that he wasn't the one who killed the ruler of Alabasta, but that he witnessed a bizarre thing at the Castle of Pangea: the presence of a figure on the empty thronefrom the silhouette just shown it is clear who it is: Im.

However, while Sabo notifies his superior immediately I am Orders the immediate destruction of the island where the Emperor of Flames, Lulusia, resides. The clouds over the heads of Sabo and the revolutionaries thicken and darken, perhaps due to the arrival of the ancestral weapon Uranus, which, after releasing an immense light, destroys the entire island with an explosion. The Kingdom of Lulusia never existed, with these words I order the Navy, who meanwhile had overheard the calls of Sabo and Dragon, to forget everything. What do you think of this incredible turn of events? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the spoilers for Chapter 1061 of ONE PIECE, out on MangaPlus on Sunday September 25th.

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