Sailor Moon Eternal Edition, Star Comics confirms the resumption of publication

A little less than a year ago Star Comics editions announced the arrival of the Chat Eternal Edition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in Italy. However, after the publication of the first five volumes, the distribution was stopped due to the health emergency and the arrival of volume 6 was postponed indefinitely.

Today, September 28, 2020 The publisher has finally confirmed the resumption of publicationThe following press release announces the date when collectors can get their hands on the new volume.

""As already announced on one of our Star Days dates, we are informing our readers about the publication of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Edition will resume from December 9th, with the edition of Volume 6.

The emergency associated with the COVID-19 epidemic of the new coronavirus has also created logistical problems for our sector and postponed the release of the series. Over the past few months we've been working to ensure that the release resumes as soon as possible and that you can continue your collection from December onwards".

The new version will be available for € 14.90 and, as always, will contain a little more than 400 pages of content. If you want to know more about this new edition, you can check out our Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Edition special.

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