The official website of the anime Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World - recently released a new trailer dedicated to the second Cour of Season 2. come to Crunchyroll Italia on January 6, 2021will resume broadcasting of episode 14, ending with the airing of the twenty-fifth and final episode.

The second season of Re: Zero started on July 8th and aired the first thirteen episode Cour, which ended on September 30th, the final mid-season release date. The series was then interruptedand on December 10th, White Fox animation studio announced the release date of the new episodes.

The second half of the season, this time consisting of twelve episodes, will see protagonist Subaru work to save his friend Rem, fell into a deep sleep and was removed from the memories of her companions after the attack of two deadly sins. Subaru can still count on his "return from the dead" power, but in addition to saving the girl, he must help Emilia pass the Sanctuary Test to deal with Garfiel in preventing Daphne's demonic beasts from taking over the kingdom destroy and face the murdered Elsa in order to prevent her from killing Petra, Beatrice and Frederica. All within four days.

What do you think about it? Will you follow the new episodes Let us know with a comment! In the event that you need to refresh your memory instead, we suggest you take a look at our review on Re: Zero 2 - Part 1.

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