The creation and development of equipment and support items is a very important aspect of a young hero's career and can often make a great ace in the hole even during the heatedest fights, as demonstrated in the last published chapter of My hero academiabut where they were used by the villain.

The events of the Paranormal Arch Liberation War have deeply shocked the entire Hero SocietyIn the eyes of many, this caused a great disappointment among the population towards Endeavor after the terrible revelations of the dangerous Dabi or Toya Todoroki, the first child of the current Pro Hero number 1.

While Midoriya tries to avoid any possible contact with Shigaraki and the subordinates of All For One who hope to soon attain the power derived from Quirk One For All, Endeavor tries in every way to regain people's trustTo thwart threats from villains. During the last fight with a group of petty criminals, the Pro Hero had to deal with a very special tool, a nail gun.

Within the Yuei Lyceum, he is responsible for adapting and revising the support tools the young Mei, specializing in the development of new technologies able to maximize the potential of each hero, but to see similar equipment among the criminals, suggests the existence of equally trained experts at the service of the villain.

Keep in mind that Deku seems to deserve the respect of the Pro Heroes, and we'll leave you to chapter 312 first spoilers.

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