The great woman Marvel continues its publication for several years, showing intricate backstories and numerous unique antagonists, which makes the series unforgettable. Let's go into detail to find out who will be the villain that will appear in the next chapter.

On the last pages of the comic we had seen While Kamala Khan attempted in the role of Mrs. Marvel from Find missing Jersey City citizens. She discovered her at the Rubicon headquarters, where she was confronted with an alien. At the end of the battle, without the role of superhero, the girl embarked on one with Zoe Discussion of Ms. Marvel's actions and the ability to protect the city was not one of his intentions. At the end of the chapter, the protagonist therefore begins a monologue about the difficulty of eliminating pain and negative feelings.

It is precisely at these last words that the new enemy appears: Stormranger. The villain was born as a Kree nanosuit from an alternate universe that accidentally linked to Kamala. She used the suit's shaping abilities several times until she realized it might have a dark side. The uniform acquired its own will At one point, Ms. Marvel decided to break up with herself and apparently self-destruct after a fight.

The page with the return of the enemy will appear at the bottom of the news. We are waiting to find out how we managed to survive. In the meantime, I bring you a message from Marvel Comics about the new Black Cat costume and another about the new series Marvel Comics has dedicated to Alien.

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