The new generation of Boruto: Naruto the next generations it is gaining more and more space. Indeed, recent events have weakened the adults, while the young protagonists and antagonists seem increasingly to be the focus of the plot. Kishimoto's return coincided with this change.

After waiting for Boruto and the others to really get a place as protagonists, the place of Naruto and his society, we entered a transition phase after the clash with Isshiki Otsutsuki. The young protagonist tries to find out how hinder the power of momoshikiWhile Code is working hard to form a group that can attack Konoha and achieve its goals. Boruto's chapter 58 will be important for all of this, but there are still a few days left before it appears on MangaPlus.

Organic Dinosaur, a well-known insider who first brought the leaks to Boruto several times in the past, has posted a few tweets on the content of the next chapter. THE first spoiler from Boruto 58 They only focus on two aspects: the first concerns the composition of the color page, on which several characters appear together. the second affects the protagonist instead Boruto who is going to take one of the pills Amado spoke of this in the last chapter. The title of chapter 58 of Boruto should refer to this final event.

The treat She did not elaborate on the rest of the chapterand focuses only on these two pieces of information. Boruto 58 is scheduled for Thursday May 20th.

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