2021 is a very important year for the chatty mercenary of the Marvel house, and the publisher has announced a new five-volume miniseries to celebrate. Dead Pool Black White & Blood, which involves multiple characters in very short stories and which will intertwine with events from other series such as Wolverine and Carnage.

The first volume of the miniseries in question contains three different stories, the first of Ed Brisson and designed by Whilce Portacio, the second by Tom Taylor and Phil Noto and the last to be written and drawn by James Stokoe, who makes his debut in the universe of the likable and deadly Marvel mercenary. Brisson stated in a recent interview that he chose to work on a number of Deadpools at his daughter's suggestion, and that is I worked on this story for almost a decadeto revise it and finally manage to make it concrete thanks also to the fantastic work of Portacio.

With the announcement and release of Wolverine Black White & Blood and Carnage Black White & Blood, of course, Marvel wanted to create something A small festival where violence, fighting and blood will be the mastersAs can be seen from the official description of the first volume in August: "What is black, white and red? Three stories of blood, violence and chaos with the happy mercenary Deadpool!" Today's talents strive to bring you Wade Wilson's wildest and wildest adventures?! This is the volume for you! It's all black and white. It is red."

We remember that Deadpool Samurai met Dragon Ball in a disrespectful imitation, and we leave it to author Rob Liefeld's revelations about the mercenary's design.

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