The success of My hero academia continues to grow, as does the popularity of Izuku Midoriya and his companions, protagonists of the last image released to promote the official soundtrack of the fifth season of the anime, which was available for purchase after the various covers of the tracks were released.

The image pictured, which you can see in the post by @ Atsushi101X shown below, which will be included in the CD version of the OST, is certainly not one of the most original Midoriya, Ochaco, Ashido, Mineta, Shoto, Bakugo and Iida appear against a rather inconspicuous background. However, her statements show the willpower and deep conviction to want to prove her superiority over the students of class 1-B, at least in relation to them the joint training of teachers Aizawa and Kan.

It is not yet clear whether the CD version will include others Original illustrations, perhaps also dedicated to Villain and Pro Hero more important, like the current number 1 Endeavor, but also considering the dangerous mission Hawks is involved in. What do you think of this promotional image? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

Recall that Todoroki unleashed all his might in the last episode and we leave you to an original female cosplay dedicated to Villain Dabi.

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