An empress like Big Mom is not to be taken lightly. From Whole Cake Island we have already seen what the woman who has been among women for decades is capable of People stronger than ONE PIECEand in Wano it gets even wilder. In the last few chapters in particular, we were able to better observe some aspects of its strength.

One of Big Mom's powers is to be able to remove a part of the soul in order to infuse it into some objects or elements and to give life to some beings. Prometheus, Zeus, and Napoleon are examples of this, with the trio that helped the Empress of ONE PIECE several times. Zeus has always been the weak link in the chain and at Prometheus' request, Big Mom decided to create Hera.

The soul proved fearful when the maser cannon was launched, a technique Big Mom used to take revenge on Ulti. In contrast to Zeus, Hera seems much less cheeky and distracted and doesn't even conscientiously eat parts of Big Mama's other electric soul. The Empress can therefore count on a much more reliable ally than Zeus, with the latter, which has since been discarded if it is not also killed by the Empress.

Who knows if in ONE PIECE 1014 we will see the fate of the cloud that helped Nami for a short time.

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