The event that excites the DC Comics universe, the Joker War, is nearing its end, but continues to involve characters that are very close Batman and of course his alter ego Bruce Wayne, and this time Barbara Gordon was involved in the plans of the clown prince of crime.

in the Batgirl 47 We see Barbara returning to her house after an appointment with Jason Bard to find herself in front of the Joker. The villain reveals that he is now capable thanks to a certain device that has it same frequency as the microchip installed in Barbara's spineto control all of his movements.

While Joker tortures Barbara, she feels like she tried to rebuild a quiet life after her first attack. With a monologue masterfully written by Cecil CastellucciBarbara decides to rebel and then hit the enemy.

Joker later explains why he went to Barbara: he wants his help for Unlock passwords and log in to Batman computersthat technically already has. After Barbara has told him that the password cannot be solved by anyone, she takes a knife and removes the microchip implanted in her body Insert a steel rod into the back of the joker. The volume ends with the table below.

Keep in mind that the new Batman costume will play an important role and that the Dark Knight will soon face Batman Beyond.

What do you think of this unexpected development? Is the joker and its plans slowing down? Let us know with a comment below.

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