The ONE PIECE both in a rather delicate phase of its history are a fact. Eiichiro Oda expected that with the end of Wanokuni we will go straight to the last story. After 23 years, ONE PIECE is nearing the end, but there are still a few years left until it can be read.

Obviously there are some people who know the ONE PIECE ending, other than Eiichiro Oda is meant. The mangaka has indeed revealed that last situation in its history to the editors of Weekly Shonen Jump who have accompanied him on this adventure so far. However, the same editors also have the option of previewing the chapters to help Oda store and correct details.

With the Chapter 986 of ONE PIECE In ten days, fans are waiting for news. And editor Ken Takano gave the fans something to think about. During a live stream Takano revealed that he had already read and cried A PIECE 986 when he finished reading. An emotion that made him cry means that great things will happen at the next appointment with the manga.

Now fans can also prepare their predictions for ONE PIECE 986 and wait for them to arrive at MangaPlus on Sunday, August 2nd.

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