From December 2020, the episodes of The attack of the giants 4 shows a character who has not been on the scene for a long time. Let's go into more detail.

The new episode of the anime made it possible for us to become aware of some events that occurred after the reconnaissance army reached the sea. After returning to the present, we were able to follow the actions of various characters. Among these there are Armin who was seen visiting the place where she is being held Annie Leonhart.

The girl, companion of the protagonists of the 104th Recruit Training Corps, turned out to be an enemy in possession of the power of Female giant at the end of the first animated season. After a terrible fight with Eren, the defeated young woman used her skills to crystallize your bodyThis will prevent the residents of Paradis from extorting information from her.

In the new episode, Annie is featured as we can see in the pictures at the end of this message in the same state in which we left her while Armin, although unable to communicate with her, recounts the latest events regarding the battle within the Marley nation and his own actions that have caused the deaths of many people, including Soldiers and civilians Reiner and Berthold understood what the girl was feeling several years earlier in the attack on Shiganshina District.

Finally, I remember a new phase began in The Giants 'Attack 4 and I am adopting the new design from Eren that will be used in the next few episodes of The Giants' Attack 4.

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