There are numerous series related to the franchise Nice healing and the characters depicted in it. However, there is one man who can see them all and even with his eyes closed. This is who it is.

Takayuki Haranishi is a 49-year-old Japanese comedian who is part of the famous Fujiwara duo along with Toshifumi Fujimoto. The man recently landed on YouTube and managed to share his special skills. He is in fact able to blindfold from Correctly identify each of the 64 protagonists of Toei Animation's various series dedicated to the franchise Nice healing.

The video on the cover of the news testifies to his skills. In it, Fujimoto gives several statuettes one after the other into the hands of his colleague, who, after examining them by touching them alone, immediately reveals their names and their affiliation. are always correct.

Another peculiarity associated with Haranishi and the brand in question is its presence in one of the many episodes. In the scene featured in the video at the end of this message, The comic simulates one of the many transformations, performed by the magical girls who characterize the animated series.

What do you think of Takayuki Haranishi's curious ability? Let us know in the comments.

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