The last arc of My hero academy entered the second phase. The intense battle between Shoto and the villain Dabi ended with the heroes all-important advantage. Meanwhile, however, Endeavor, shattered by the outcome of the battle, was struck by All For One's insidious provocations regarding the tragic history of the Todoroki family.

The arrival of the words of All Might communicated to all the heroes involved in the battles there Extraordinary victory by Shoto, presented a valuable opportunity for All For One. The villain who had raised Dabi himself, or Endeavor's firstborn, Toya Todoroki, knew how to beat the Pro Hero. A calculated mind game eventually got Enji's blood boiling, who, without following the strategies and plans previously devised with Hawks, decided to go head-to-head against the villain.

A decision that cost Numero Uno dearly. Endeavor suffered a devastating attack, and appears to have lost his right arm, which was violently and quickly severed by the villain. By quickly replacing his hand with some sort of sharp-toothed monster, All For One may have mutilated the Pro Hero and then fell into the void. It is very likely that Endeavor will return to the battlefield in the next few chapters, but his physical condition, even taking into account the weight of what happened to his familycould prove insufficient to survive another fight with All For One.

What do you think of the narrative implications of the war between heroes and villains? What do you think will happen to Endeavor? Let us know in the comments. We leave you to the 10 unsolved mysteries of My Hero Academia and the spoilers of Chapter 355.

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