A month separates us from the Japanese theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super: Superheroand in this time between promotional material, images and merchandise that leaves room for the presence of another villain, the community continues to hope for Cell's return. However, according to a fan, matters would be more complicated than expected.

Cell is certainly one of the antagonists and characters not only the most important in the history of the franchise but also the most appreciated and although he returned in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Heroes, so its return in non-canon narratives and storylines in the new film would be very complicated. The reason is simple: Cell was created by Dr. Gelo built to aspire to possess all the abilities of Earth's finest warriors and thus become the perfect being.

If hypothetical the revived Red Ribbon decided to create a new version of Cell, maybe based on the data collected and adapting the design to the standards achieved by warriors like Goku or Gohan, since he will be the protagonist, not just the result it would be different from the Android known in Dragon Ball Zbut it would almost certainly result in the creation of a being distinct from his temperament.

It is possible to transfer the memories of the original cell into the body of a new ad hoc android built, but personality doesn't just emerge from that. A new cell could therefore be more risky than expected since it would appear different from many points of view, e.g it might disappoint a good chunk of fans. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally we leave you the trailer for Crunchyroll of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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