Lover of Dragon ball You will remember the character of Mr. Satan well, but maybe you will not know all about his name. Here are some of the manga author's statements from the past.

The successful series that ended in 1995 has spawned numerous Legions of fans worldwide, leading to the creation of a sequel in 2015 that is still to be released. As readers continue to discover details about the new Dragon Ball Super story arc, fans keep wondering numerous questions about the many characters who appear in the series' multiverse.

Among them is the unforgettable Lord Satan, the man who the people on earth believe is the strongest on their planet and the protagonist of various comic curtains. Lovers of Goku's adventures have often wondered why the cute figure is attached to the name of a devil.

The revelation comes from Akira Toriyama The same as the booklet "Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide" states that "Mr. Satan" is the way that the man in the ring is addressed and that his real name It's actually Mark. Even the daughter's name Videlis associated with the devil, although this time it's not a nickname: it's actually the anagram of the word "devil".

What do you think? Did you know Mr. Satan's real name and where his daughter is from? Let us know with a comment.

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