More recently, Dabi has taken center stage due to the sensational revelation in the manga ofMy hero academia. But in this crossover, the villain has withdrawn from fighting the Pro Heroes to dive into a galaxy far, far away.

The artist @sofiasamara shared a spectacular fanart that portrays her on her Instagram profile Dabi as a Sith. The villain seems to be the perfect ally of the greatest villains in the Star Wars saga. As the giant AT-ATs advance across the battlefield, firing laser beams everywhere, Dabi fearlessly shows off her red lightsaber and her signature black suit and fits the role perfectly.

According to the artist, the fan art has requested the order over ten hours of work. However, the result reflects the long construction time. What do you think of this cross between Kohei Horikoshi's manga and the work of George Lucas? Would you like to see an official spin-off where the heroes of My Hero Academia take on the role of Jedi? Meanwhile, we admire All Might smiling into the future in this female My Hero Academia cosplay. Let's discover five secrets about the Quirk of Endeavor, the number one hero from My Hero Academia.

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