At the first mention, many thought Yamato was a boy. Considering that Kaido had spoken of a son right at the beginning of the Onigashima story arc, ideas as to who the Mugiwara would face varied widely. And instead, ONE PIECE has prepared a surprise which caught the readers off guard.

Yamato has a special story full of fights and chains, but remains a woman, as the author confirms. It is precisely for this reason that issue no. 14 of the ONE PIECE magazineEiichiro Oda wanted to wrap a very special illustration with Kaido's daughter in a version never seen before.

In fact, he decided to depict them in an oiran version, but not as a simple oiran, but as the best oiran in Wano. Essentially, he took the role of Komurasaki and tried to transfer it to the character of Yamato. And the result was what you see below: this Image of the Yamato Oiran version drawn by Eiichiro Oda brings the audience a very different character than the one known from the manga.

The Yamato exudes femininity Starting with the way she styled her hair, the way she wears the red kimono and the type of makeup used. Do you like this version or do you appreciate more the combative version that we could appreciate all along during the Wano saga in ONE PIECE?

And always from the same magazine come the pictures of two new Devil Fruits that are finally being shown for the first time after so many years since they were first mentioned.

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