In the current original story arc of Boruto: Naruto the next generations, that of the Great Battle in the Land of Water, the protagonists of Team 7 saw the deaths of numerous comrades-in-arms and several opponents. The terror of death stamped the soul of the Seventh Hokage's son, who was determined to make an extreme gesture.

Boruto is determined to do so End war and bring peace in the land of water. The brutal and bloody war between the Funato pirate clan and the ninja of the Village of Mist must stop immediately. After mediating with the Mizukage and agreeing to surrender should the pirates do the same, Boruto attempts to negotiate peace with the leader of the Funato, former friend Ikada.

However, Ikada is no longer the nice boy that Boruto befriended a long time ago. The deaths of his sister Seiren and brother Isari left an irreversible mark on his psyche, which is now twisted and belligerent. Not even Boruto's Talk no Jutsu is effective: war is the only solution to satisfying that Funato's thirst for revenge.

In Boruto 253, after a long confrontation, Ikada makes his proposal: if Boruto brought him Chojuro's head, then he would force his army to retreat. At this unacceptable suggestion, the Hokage's son releases a shock that shocks everyone present. TO die for peacewill be himself.

In the preview images of the next episode that we have seen, the spoilers of the next episodes of Boruto will be revealed penultimate of the saga, Boruto seems willing to sacrifice himself, though Sarada and Mitsuki contest his decision. Meanwhile, Kawaki appears to be infiltrating the Funato Mobile Fortress.

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