Among the major antagonists of recent history arc of My hero academia there is certainly dabi. Here's how a fan repurposed the enemy through an illustration.

The characters in the story written by Kohei Horikoshi were the protagonists of a terrible war in which the entire society of the manga was involved. Among the main opponents, members of the Villains' Union, he stands out Dabiwho has become the narrator of an unpleasant truth that affects the whole Todoroki family. He is in fact the believed dead son of Endeavor and the brother of Shoto.

Revelation helped undermine the souls of heroes and the entire population He is gradually losing faith in the advocates of justice. However, a recent speech by the Hawks on My Hero Academia hit people's hearts.

Reddit user Strawberryjam2525 shared his own illustration for further emphasize the blood bond between the current number one hero and the enemy flame manipulator. As we can see in the post at the end of this message, the boy appears without its characteristic scar makes him feel more like other members of his family.

What do you think of this work of art? Let us know in the comments.

For those interested, I finally report a message in which we talk about Deku's father from My Hero Academia.

I edited a picture from the anime to remove Dabi's scars. I thought you might like it from r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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