Remained on the fringes of the narrative of for years ONE PIECE, sometimes suffused with an aura of mystery, Shanks the Red is finally back to reveal itself to readers. However, over time, fans have never stopped asking themselves the same question: how strong is the Emperor?

For the uninitiated, Shanks has appeared only twenty times in the manga in over 1050 chapters, a truly mysterious character about whom little or nothing is known. And indeed very little is known about its abilities, apart from some details that could be extrapolated over time.

He is currently the emperor with the highest bounty in circulation, over 4 billion berries, an individual capable of damaging even physical objects with his ambition. We know he's also one of the strongest swordsmen of all time, but with the loss of his strong arm, his skills have been severely impaired to the point of deterrence Mihawk from starting a new fight against him. However, it must be remembered that his appearance at Marineford alone was enough to end the war, let alone that the mere manifestation of his powers was enough to convince aramaki away from Wano. Furthermore, his abilities are probably far beyond our understanding as we only know a very small part of his abilities that make him one of the strongest pirates around ONE PIECE at the moment.

In your opinion though how strong is shanks the red? Tell us what you think about it with a comment below.

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