After many years as director of Bessatsu Shonen magazine, editor Shintaro Kawakubo announced via Twitter that he will no longer hold this position. And that's how it happens This person is also the editor of The Attack of the Giantsor the one who works closely with Hajime Isayama, proofreading him and discussing new chapters.

Issue 11 of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will be published the last with Shintaro Kawakubo as editor-in-chief. The role actually appears to have passed to another person within the staff, but is not defined. In a post on Twitter posted through The Attack of the Giants official report, the manga editor and now former editor-in-chief thanked everyone for the support they have received so far.

However, as he reveals, Attack of the Giants fans can keep calm: Indeed The editor confirms that he will not retire from the role of Supervisor of Attack of the Giantsand thus remains in the ranks of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. It is possible that his stay in Kodansha magazine will be extended until the end of The Attack of the Giants. A few days ago he had also announced the conclusion of The Attack of the Giants 133.

The direction of a manga magazine is assigned to different people who divide the roles in a way that best suits different situations. Those who follow a manga are usually editors or department heads, while the assistant editor-in-chief and chief editor deal with leadership roles. However, in smaller magazines or in those with a shortage of staff, it happens that even the editor-in-chief is forced to follow a series that is part of the magazine.

Meanwhile, there are also expectations for the animated version with the fourth and final season of The Attack of the Giants.

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