When it comes to Pokémon It is possible to find any kind of merchandise, from simple stuffed animals to very rare trading cards to the very expensive jewels from U-TREASURE. The company's new collection focuses on Riolu and Lucario, two of the most popular monsters in the community.

After the magnificent Mew jewel worth over 130 euros, U-TREASURE has raised the bar even higher. One of the most popular Pokémon in fandom is soon to become a luxury ring thanks to the Japanese retailer.

U-TREASURE has just confirmed that the new Pokémon line will only include one new piece that will focus on the little Riolu and the mighty Lucario. As you can see from the tweet at the end of the article, the ring will be set with a sapphire gemstone and will be available in three different metals: yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

The cheapest metal is $ 160, and the most expensive platinum is $ 1000. Therefore, U-TREASURE and The Pokémon Company are apparently working at full speed. And would you be willing to spend such amounts on such accessories? Here are some trinkets for a Pokémon trainer wedding.

On the other hand, if you're just into the anime, the Pokémon Explorations episode 68 preview awaits the return of a legend.

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