Regarded worldwide as one of the most successful film adaptations in history, Dragon Ball Evolution becomes an anime thanks to a work of art by a fan. Are you ready to give this immortal film a second chance?

The community exploded with the announcement of a live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball. However, when the film premiered in cinemas around the world in 2009, the response was not like that what was expected.

This 20th Century Fox-produced meeting between the legendary Akira Toriyama work and Hollywood was one of the lowest points of cinematography. Indeed, after years of silence and insults, screenwriter Ben Ramsey has apologized for the mess. ""It is heartbreaking to see that something with my name is so outraged around the world. Receiving hate mail from around the world is heartbreaking. I don't blame anyone for Dragon Ball Super except myself. ".

However, it seems that not everyone thought this film was that bad. In fact, the Reddit Due Bandicoot 5940 user felt it appropriate to transform that Live action movie in an anime. The artwork he created imagines how the actors who played the film would appear in the animated series.

And what do you think about it Would you like to see Dragon Ball Evolution 2 or an animated series based on the events of live action? Goku's first adventure turns into live action in this Dragon Ball poster. A Dragon Ball Easter egg was found in Spielberg's film "War of the Worlds".

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