My Hero Academia Smash !!, the comedic spin-off of Kohei Horikoshi's hit series, has revealed a interesting background related to Ochaco Uraraka, the aspiring heroine of 1-A. In fact, the author revealed that on a bonus page from the first volume disgusting content of one of his favorite disheswhich makes it canonical de facto.

The split-off is carried out by the author Hirofumi Nedaand on the side in question there is a multiple choice quiz with questions that are mostly curiosities related to the main characters in the series. For example, one of them is: "How would you prefer to be called Tsuyu Asui by your companions?"The answers will be agreed with Horikoshi and published on the last page of the volume in question.

The question about Ochaco was: "Which of the following are Uraraka's favorites? You can choose multiple answersβ€œResponses included multiple entrees such as mochi, haggis, 1000 yen bills, herring, Texas steak, grilled eggplant, and ... grasshoppers. Of course, some of the options were joking, but reports from Neda would have had Horikoshi himself through a message confirms that The girl's three favorite dishes are mochi, grilled eggplant, and grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers, along with crickets and grasshoppers, belong to the category of edible insects. Of course, in Italy, as in much of the Western countries, they are viewed as repulsive by a large part of the population. Uraraka would disagree, however, as Neda confirmed to fans that: "It's canon so better accept it!".

This is a downright fun curiosity that goes perfectly with the other canonical revelations from My Hero Academia: Smash !! were proposed. We remind you that the same comic a few months ago revealed an interesting background about the rivalry between Midoriya and Bakugo and his passion for horror stories.

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