Sword Art Online is one of the works that defined the last decade. It's certainly not the best and often arouses conflicting opinions in the anime fandom, but it can't be said that it didn't have glorious moments. Kirito's and Asuna's adventures in the digital world continue with Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld.

While fans focus on enjoying the latest episodes this season, which will continue briefly, there are those in the real world who come up with their own version of the protagonists of Sword Art Online. Indeed the famous in the last few days Natalia Kat brought her Asuna cosplay to the fansas you can see in the photo below, this has already received quite a number of likes on the platform.

Yuuki Asuna, known only as Asuna in Alfheim Online, is one of the first players we met. For a long time, the girl was the protagonist of the Sword Art Online episodes along with her partner Kirito. He wears different outfits during the different seasons, depending also on the account he uses, but that The version that we can see in cosplay is that of Knights of Blood, with a long white dress and a red skirt.

Quinella also received a cosplay that went viral.

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Last year my patrons voted for me to cosplay the majority's favorite waifu, Asuna. 🌸 Who would you have voted for? 😊. Photo by @timbermingham. . . . . . #asuna #sao #asunacosplay #cutecosplay #swordartonline #saocosplay #cosplayway #swordartonlinecosplay #cherryblossoms

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