It only took four episodes to launch the candidacy of Spy x family The Anime Series Queen of 2022. Tatsuya Endo's spy comedy is a combination of hilarity and sweetness, but as we saw in the last episode aired, it can also offer exciting moments.

The Forger family continues to conquer fandom and beyond. In fact, several well-known manga authors have paid homage to Spy x Family in their own way. But what makes Endo's work so special? Spy x Family manages to give moments of lightness by combining them deep and touching notes. The fourth installment of the animated adaptation brings the community one of the most exciting scenes of the last period.

In Spy x Family 1x04 it's time for a test of high elegance. After the tests that Loid put Anya and Yor through, the Counterfeiters faced it Interview with the professors of the Eden Institute. However, this is not going as Twilight predicted.

When Loid's game begins, one of the academy's caretakers immediately steps in his patience is strained. The newly divorced teacher does not take a positive view of the husband's second marriage and, as a result, subtly attacks the family.

As the best spy in the world, Loid resists these attacks. Even when Yor is accused of not being a good mother, Twilight lets the insult slip away. However, the caretaker is stained with a mistake he should never have made.

At one point in the interview, the caretaker asks Anya if she prefers her natural mother over Yor. In memory of her mother, who Loid claims is probably dead, the The little forger bursts into tears. The Spy x Family professor has earned the title of most hated character.

Seeing Anya crying, Yor loses her mind and prepares to pay the janitor back in the same coin. However, before he has the opportunity to do so, it's Loid a explode with anger. He surprises the audience, ends the play and shows how much he really loves his daughter. He has this scene won the hearts of the publicwho renewed his love for the three protagonists on Twitter.

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