In My Hero Academia Chapter 377 the most serious crisis has exploded. Kurogiri's portals allowed Himiko Toga, who was transformed into Twice thanks to a vial of her blood Knock out Monoma and Eraserhead, freeing Tomura Shigaraki from her Quirk of Cancellation. Will the student in Class 1-B be the one to handle the situation?

In the final act of My Hero Academia, Monoma was fundamental to the heroes' plan. The rising hero comes first copied the Kurogiri portals to implement the divide and conquer strategy, and then copied Aizawa's Erasure for Counter All For One's quirks in Tomura Shigaraki.

L'Intervention by Toga and his Sad Man's Parade However, they messed up the heroes' plans. The mad criminal actually managed to block Eraserhead and Monoma. Does the latter have what it takes to reverse the situation?

After some theories from My Hero Academia in the next chapters Monoma could recreate Toga's Quirk and do his very own Sad Man parade. We know that the student can copy the Quirk of people they come into contact with and is currently in close proximity to a copy of Twice/Toga. Touching could therefore replicate this quirk. But is that really possible? As far as we know, when touching Twice, Monoma was supposed to replicate Toga's Quirk and not that of the person the criminal transformed into, unless the evolution of her Quirk.

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