In addition to an illustration of the protagonists of My Hero Academia, fans of the work of Kohei Horikoshi They discussed the past of Kamui Woods, a superhero who appeared on the pages of the manga.

In the tweet shared by @afroallura we can read the various information contained in a tab dedicated Shinji Nishiya, real name of Kamui Woods. We then discover that he is 168 cm tall, that he is celebrating his birthday on May 20th and that one of his favorite pastimes is quiet walks in the woods. The most noticeable of the numerous manga fans, however, is a later Frasse in which Koei Horikoshi announces that Kamui Woods' fame has grown dramatically after the airing of a Documentary about his childhood. As you can imagine, many have tried to hypothesize what events affected the people of the world so much My hero academia,

The story of Shinji Nishiya and especially his childhood could appear on the pages of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, but at the moment we have no news about it. All you have to do is wait to find out details about Kamui Woods' past. In the meantime, check out our news on Chapter 300 of My Hero Academia here.

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