Warning! This review on Listeners Chapters six and seven contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend you go check them out and then come back to read the review.

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Episode 6: Track 6 Good Bye Blue Sky

We start episode six of Listeners with a childhood memory of Roz the day his country was being devastated by the same Earless with whom they lived and lived peacefully, because of what happened at the Fest the Earless around the world were upset destroying and killing almost everyone in the country why Roz decides to build "the Wall." In the present Echo and Mu arrive at where the island was supposed to be but they cannot see it with the naked eye, Echo collapses and begins to bleed from the nose so Mu is scared and helps him follow the path to the island .

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Entering they meet Roz who lets him know that Echo suffers sound sickness and just like he's very close to becoming an earless, Mu asks him to save Echo and renounces being a player in exchange for her help save it. When Echo wakes up, he denies the severity of sound and goes alone to try to recover the Core Part of Mu, the boy thanks him to Roz for saving his life and he says the reason they were there was to Finding information about Jimi, Roz tells him how little he knows about Jimi and He explains that it is very likely that they have kidnapped him in Londium. The Neubauten sisters attack the city and Roz returns the Core Part to Mu who stops and gets rid of his attackers, then say goodbye and go with Echo to Londium.

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Episode 7: Track 7 Problems

Begin episode seven with a memory of Lyde and Ritchie of children in which they are chased and attacked by some Earless but in the last minute are saved by player Jimi Stonefree. Already in the present Lyde and Ritchie works in a workshop where they are mistreated until they meet Nir Because she needed to have her amp fixed. Life of the three changes after this because the next time they were Being beaten and mistreated by the owner Nir intervened. As a consequence of this they became friends and offered Nir a home in addition to asking him to drive when they finished repairing the equipment they found, and it was how they started living together until the Earless attacked the city ​​and given the impunity of the situation, an audio entry came out of Lyde and they went to fight the Earless. They did not survive but the worst thing of all is that apparently it was Mu who killed them.

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The misfortune of hope

How sad it is when it seems that happiness is looming but in reality it was only the beginning of the end, this seems to me to have happened to both Nir and Lyde and Ritchie. Life so far had been pure grief, in fact, none was seen to expect much from her, beyond surviving the situation when they met. In the case of Nir, it seems to me that he will forever determine who he is, in addition to leaving him an even deeper void than he already had inside, I see it difficult for him to overcome losing Ritchie and Lyde since they were like his brothers , very young boys just like her trying to find meaning in life, trying to continue despite everything.

I must admit that I enjoy seeing her happy, surprised to meet people who treated her well and who she understood, but I think it was worse that she met them only to lose them again. That not to mention the irony that Lyde managed to activate his Equipment and be a player only to take Ritchie and himself to his death, difficult for Nir not to blame himself for trying to motivate them to try and that as a consequence they seemed to die. happiness is far away and hope a bad joke.

What happened to Mu?

It is clear that in the time that Nir was with Lyde and Ritchie were already in Londium also Echo and Mu and necessarily something had to occur so that Mu herself was the one who gave the coup de grace to the Nir's friends. At the moment we do not have an explanation for what we saw, beyond from the wish that there was a good reason to justify what happened and I believe that despite what we saw there must be, from the start because clearly Mu did not it was herself, you could see in her eyes that were black, in her cold aspect devoid of emotion very different from how in fact she is and by The last question remains: Why was he with Jimi Stonefree's equipment? Does this confirm that the London police did indeed kidnap him? And what was it of the? Because from what little we have seen it will take some time to discover all the truth. There is much pending and much to discover, things begin to getting dangerous which gives each episode a more exciting feeling.

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Do the Earless have a conscience?

It may seem like a strange question but from what happened in the country of Roz seems to me a reasonable doubt, if these beings as we already know are actually people and these despite being Earless can live with the humans and also recognize their relatives and themselves as subjects individuals as in the case of the Pope of Roz, in that case it gives us enough So to affirm that if they have a certain level of consciousness and that despite they are no longer human they still have an idea of ​​who they were and who are the others. It might seem a bit far-fetched, but it really isn't. few words do not become simple beasts, specifically we do not know well that it happens with them but if we know that they are much more complex than they let know to people in general. So they are hiding so much information from purpose is because they want things to stay the same, they want through fear to dominate. We don't know the details of what they really want to achieve. but the evidence so far says a lot.


As you know in episode six they used the song's title "Good Bye Blue Sky" by progressive rock band Pink Floyd as well as They referenced the album "Momentary Lapse of Reazon" and one of my their favorite songs "Shine On You Crazy Diamond." This band is very important because beyond that his music is magnificent I also teach the people to start coming out of this somewhat closed image of Rock and to start to explore other equally wonderful ways. I think that's partly the message of the episode, that there are other ways of thinking and living, that is, seeing analogously to the Earless as a different audience than there was no managed to get rock at that time and that allowed to unite them all despite the fact that they are of a different nature, just as they did in the country of Roz where managed to harmoniously coexist humans with Earless. That was me interpretation of that episode but if you perceived it differently or saw something that I do not, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

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And finally I am not going without mentioning that episode seven used the same way as the previous episode to a British rock band "Sex Pistols" this band was considered responsible for promoting punk rock in London, where they were considered authentic anarchists and of course if the band starred in several scandals due to their lyrics full of strong social criticism and strong content with satirical, something that could not be missing in this episode either. The expression they used when facing the Crown Earless was a reference to the song "God Save The Queen." By the way I loved the similarity that the characters Lyde and Ritchie had with vocalist Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones.

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