Having left the shores of Wa land behind, the Mugiwaras made their way to the first island. Egghead, who gives his name to the manga's current saga ONE PIECEturned out to be full of mysteries and important revelations, many of which related to the famous scientist Vegapunk, who made a strange request to the protagonists.

eggheads It is actually the main base of Dr. Vegapunk, which before appearing in person in the series, showed itself through its six clones, each well characterized and very different from the others. In Chapter 1067, Eiichiro Oda continued to present important details about his discoveries and regrets before beginning the brilliant scientist's new plan. Indeed, in the concluding tables of the chapter Vegapunk asks Luffy to take him away from Egghead when he sets sail with the rest of the crew.

A request that leaves readers debating a great deal about the possible future implications, even as she ponders it the approach of CP0 on the island's shores, and most importantly, the refusal to allow them to dock, which will almost certainly result in an inevitable clash. And what do you think of Vegapunk's request? Do you think he will include the Mugiwaras in his next experiment? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment below.

In the meantime, we leave you with the full spoilers for Chapter 1068 of ONE PIECE, coming soon Sunday, December 4 on MangaPlus.

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