Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes is the latest in a wide range of entertainment featuring characters who have become icons of Japanese and non-Japanese pop history. Toriyama's words can be seen between the pages of the comic anime linked to the film.

TOEI animation is working on a new series related to the universe with the Dragon Balls. The upcoming web anime Dragon Ball is not a sequel to Super. It's due out in 2023, and while it won't be filler, the author isn't known for being particularly involved. This does not mean that the master continues to devote his time to the franchise.

Actually in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero animeban Akira Toriyama returns to talk about his brand Tip and do so with words related to the chronological aspect. The translation was edited by Herms98 and the following DbsHype profile's tweet rattling off the topic is present at the bottom of the messages.

Confirmation then comes from the mangaka that the films released so far have followed suit major episodes in the 10 years between the Majin Buu saga and the last chapter of Dragon Ball or the last episode of Z. In fact, Super Hero narrates the events of the time skip before the tournament with little Pan, Ub and the others.

You like that retcon? Share yours in the comments too. Meanwhile, we report about the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Z-Style poster.

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