Dragon Ball Super: Molo turns into a fantastic 3D model thanks to a fan

From many chapters of the new series Dragon Ball Super Akira Toriyama and Toyotarō introduced us to a new antagonist, the wizard known as the Devourer of the Planets, who immediately managed to get both Goku and the other Z-Warriors into trouble and also gain fans of the work.

Despite the latest developments, we are gradually leading Complete the saga of the Galactic Patrol Prisonerand therefore, until the hypothetical final defeat of the villain on duty, Molo is likely to remain one of the best enemies ever created within the narrative multiverse centered around the adventures of the Saiyans and their companions.

With an ability that makes him seem invincible, Molo became even more powerful afterward the android incorporated into his body 73This gives them both a new aspect and the ability to absorb the techniques of their opponents. As a homage to the final form of Molo, the artist Sergio Pérez López, who is enthusiastic about the series, created a perfect 3D model of the character, which you can find some pictures of in the post below.

The depiction of the gemstone on the forehead and the microscopic details that make up the gemstone new wizard design, make the end result incredibly close to Toyotarō's style. Keep in mind that the final Molo and Goku fight pays homage to Broly, and we're leaving you with the 5 new features the series needs to renew itself.

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