It’s war on social media. A few days after the debate over the popularity of Naruto and ONE PIECE, a new dispute has flared up between the fan bases of the two works. With only one chapter, the Has Boruto’s manga surpassed the over a thousand written by Eiichiro Oda?

Boruto Chapter 79 spoilers have piqued the curiosity of the fanbase. Often mistreated, Masashi Kishimoto’s sequel manga managed to capture the public with one Chapter that will reverse the situation and which will change the course of events in almost 6 years of serialization.

The Leaf Village Ninja series approaches the time warp that opened the story. The power of Eida rewrote the history of the shinobi world, reverse the lives of Boruto and Kawaki. The former has become a wanted fugitive while the latter is now the blood child of Naruto Uzumaki.

This sensational and unexpected twist caused an uproar among both fans of the series and those who only followed it marginally. Some users praised Kishimoto’s writing, stating that it did Chapter 79 of Boruto the Sensei has surpassed the more than thousand chapters of ONE PIECE Written by Oda. That statement is obviously an exaggeration of the most ardent fans, but Kishimoto still needs to be applauded for the way he’s drastically transformed his work lately.

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