The anime and manga industry, like so many other industries, has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to numerous delays and cancellations, there are numerous thematic attractions such as the Museum of Legends Studio Ghibli.

Located in the city of Mitaka, the Studio Ghibli Museum has suffered severe economic damage due to restrictions aimed at containing the global pandemic. To save the establishment, what appears to be there is even a risk of closureThe animation studio run by Hayao Miyazaki has started a fundraiser.

Covid-19 has made it difficult or even impossible to carry out activities that were previously considered part of everyday life. Restaurateurs, establishments and museums have suffered such a backlash that there is a risk of total danger Industry failure. Such is the case in the Studio Ghibli Museum.

According to reports, with the help of Mitaka City Council, the animation studio plans to keep the iconic museum open, which offers a unique glimpse into the studio's past Fundraiser that should accumulate the equivalent of roughly $ 90,000. The mascot of this campaign is Pom Poko, one of the protagonists in the studio's films. For those who have never been able to visit the museum in person, here is a virtual tour of the Studio Ghibli Museum.

Studio Ghibli pays homage to Pixar with a crossover artwork between My Neighbor Totoro and Monsters & Co.

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