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Isekai Meikyuu from Harem Wo – Chapter 2: Ways to Make Money

In the story of a “possible future” michio He returns to the first village he was in, just as he arrived in the new world. I remember that moment ten years ago until I saw a little boy planting. michio He approaches him and starts talking to him, then gives him a sword and asks him to give it to his mother and if she accepts, the child could stay with her to protect her.

return to the present, michio You have five days left to get 70,000 only Fool to be able to buy Roxane. Having two choices, he chooses the safest one to explore the maze coupon. Wherever he tests some of his abilities and powers, he negatively discovers the lack pm when using magic. But defeat monsters conifer and to sell the branches that they had left, and to get very few Fool from them.

The next day, he enters the maze earlier to spend more time and earn more money, but he ends up in the nest of the conifer. Cornered between a rock and a hard place michio Start defeating them little by little until you manage to clear the area and get out of the maze to sell the branches again.

On the way back to coupon, michio joins a group of people who saw the dead body of a bandit on the outskirts coupon. That was missing a hand, had to have his ‘intelligence card‘. Bandit hunting was the other option he had michio to get money, so he decides to give it a try if he’s risking his life anyway.

Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo – Chapter 2
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a possible future

To be honest I liked the way it started. Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo – Chapter 2, with a…?”flash back“? A scene where michio He returns to see his family, whom he told he went to get cigarettes. Returning 9 years after his last visit. Meeting a boy named mine who was told his father died before he was born. But with features that obviously indicate that her father stole a pair of sandals from the stable.

In addition to reminiscing and showing a brief scene of his meeting with the mother of mine 9 years ago. However, something that seemed to have had a slight censorship I don’t think is something to complain about either. In fact, the scene itself could look like this in any of the three animated versions. Although it was the scene with the most fan service “explicit” part of the episode, fell far short of what was seen previous chapter. Although I will not deny that I would have liked to see something like that fan servicepart of me is grateful that they don’t want to take the adjustment too far ecchi for now. I hope, of course, that he actually does the moments when he has to perform and they don’t get cut or left out.

Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo – Chapter 2
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Jokes aside, I found it quite odd that they decided to show it to start the episode because for me it didn’t affect what would be shown in the rest of the episode. For example, that the blonde girl he showed up with had something to do with his first encounter with the maze that gave him the path to get there. What I mean by this is that all of this “possible future” that I believe raises and/or sustains more expectations than should ever appear. Although… it has a confirmed duration of 12 episodes.

New experiences

While this wasn’t the first time it was shown michio In a fight, it was the first time he realized it wasn’t a game, it was his new reality. He turned out to be more cautious than if he hadn’t known. Eventually, he came up with an impromptu plan to take on a nest of monsters. If I still thought it was a game, I would have been a lot more careless, not thinking about rear guard or effectively controlling the pm.

For now the character of michio has turned out to be quite an analyst who managed to realize that his “depression” was caused by the lack of pm. Even in a complex situation like being locked in a nest of monsters, keep a steady mind. But I don’t want to deny that this seems a bit unnatural to me. It should be remembered that he is only 17 years old, but his way of adapting is quite fast. Too comfortable. Something that has its appeal in the story and development of different characters Isekaibut I personally see it as too cliche.

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Now to the ethics of the protagonist. I must confess that it annoys me a little how quickly he accepted the existence of slaves and the work they can do (including sexual ones). However, I also realize that since it’s another world, I shouldn’t know anything about the society in this world.

«Rule number 1 of multiversal travel: You know nothing». How about taking action against slavery is that considered treason? In my case I would choose to keep a low profile as I’ve only been here for a short time and learn from the behavior and ‘common sense’ used there.

The truth is I feel that Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo wants to show a touch of “reality” in the story. However, this is still a story of Chic. Which doesn’t have to be related to today’s view of things in the real world. After all, until the anime of the realistic hero “Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki‘, also had slavery.

For now the personality of michio it doesn’t bother me too much, if only for its comfortable way of adapting to the environment very quickly. Still, I’m hoping for a minimally decent development. Hope soared when he saw the scene from the beginning where he and his harem return to the city where he appeared after already having lived in this world for ten years.

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