It's been a long time since you are closed bleach. In the last few chapters, the Soul Society, having ended their battle with Yhwach, has returned to order while the humans have retreated to their own world. Then there is a time jump in which Ichigo and Orihime marryWedding that was obviously not shown.

However, what doesn't happen in the manga does happen outside thanks to a unique drawing by Tite Kubo. Recently, mangaka Kenta Yuzuriha, author of Boku yori Medatsu na Ryuugakusei and Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change shita toshite, got married. Among the wedding guests was his senpai, mangaka Tite Kubo from Bleach. The latter, along with three other mangaka, gave a shikishi with various illustrations.

The illustration chosen by Tite Kubo to celebrate the wedding of his young colleague is that of Ichigo and Orihime together with a Japanese style dress. A small illustration that can be seen in the drawing below, which certainly cannot compete with a real chapter of Bleach about the marriage of the two, but in this case it is an image full of meaning.

Meanwhile, Ichigo Kurosaki's story continues with the new infernal chapter of Bleach.

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