All for One is a seemingly invincible enemy. Despite being defeated by All Might in the challenge that sealed the end of his dark empire, the My Hero Academia's villain survived, albeit with difficulty and with a body that is no longer perfect. However, he can still use quirks that can make anyone pale.

Even in these conditions, he manages to hold his own against the likes of Endeavor and Hawks without too much trouble. In the final chapters of My Hero Academia, All for One has kept Endeavor at bay and now faces Hawks, but also young Tokoyami and Jiro. Only these two have highlighted an unexpected weakness of All for One.

During the fight, Jiro fired a huge shockwave at the villain. The latter prepares for an attack with a variety of Quirks, but when he tries to fire the shot, the Will of the Quirks rebels, blocking it and managing to gain a few seconds. The will of the Quirks has never manifested itself and so it seems be a new order effectthe quirk of Star and Stripes that had entered Shigaraki and the All for One.

So All for One isn't as invincible as it was before, and the same goes for Tomura Shigaraki.

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