Yoshihiro Togashi's hiatus, the longest since the publication of Hunter X Hunter, is about to end as the Sensei is back to serious work on his manga. But given the news that has surfaced so far, when can we expect the arrival of the new chapter?

Unfortunately, in view of this, it is not easy to answer this question precisely Togashi it could change pace at any time. However, over the past 20 days, all things considered, the master has been consistent enough to allow us to summarize the return of the manga. There are currently 3 chapters left for the return of Hunter x Hunter with the goal of reaching #400 and thus completing a new volume.

The Sensei regularly updates work on the comic and currently draws a page or two a day. On June 5th, Togashi shared the storyboard of the 19th plate and a few hours later added that there are 3 more chapters left. in summary, Togashi has finished drawing 7 out of 10 chapters.

Basically, it took the author about 20 days to complete one chapter of Hunter x Hunter, and at this rate the last 3 will be completed within the next 2 months. However, the pre-publication steps require at least one more step, which is passing the drafts to the editor, who may decide to change some aspects of the story, or in turn make some changes, before returning to the magazine. Against this background we can expect Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 in two or three months. And you instead, what do you think of this hypothesis? As usual, please let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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