The protagonists of ONE PIECE cannot be missing from any film in the saga. The Straw Hat Crew grows but never loses members. In the movie ONE-PIECE: RED The crew will be there for the first time with all ten members, including the newly arrived Jinbe. But it won't just be them in the feature film.

The official trailer of ONE PIECE: RED has actually announced that there will be many other characters. Shanks is one of the fundamental components, largely due to the relationship he has with Uta, another key character in the film. But who else should there be? we see What are all the characters that appeared in the ONE PIECE: RED trailer?.

It starts with Shanks and Uta, father and daughter, talking to each other. Then there is a mysterious character who holds the little girl in his arms as Shanks leaves. Returning to the present, let's move on to the scenes where Uta is a dancer and sings, and then briefly turn our attention to Gordon, another new character from ONE PIECE: RED. Then the summary of well-known personalities begins: We start with the Grand Admiral Akainu, Law and bepo, kobi and Helmeppo mingling with the crowd and finally the pirate Bartholomew.

There's a cast of characters from each side, therefore, but the list is certainly not exhaustive, with ONE PIECE: RED set to reveal more details and appearances just before it launches in Japanese theaters.

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