It was now more than two years ago Black clover He had entered the saga pitting the Knights of Clover against the very powerful Dark Triad wizards. Belonging to the warlike Kingdom of Swords, this trio violently laid down their arms at the end of a long battle, but the danger still lingered.

It took Asta's intervention to defeat Lucifer, the devil who met his end in the mundane world in chapter 329 of Black Clover. The anti-magic slash of the manga's protagonist clearly knocked out the manifestation of the strongest devil. But it's not all over yet. In Black Clover 330 actually ends the narrative arc, but not everything seems to have ended well. Now seems the right time to pull the strings.

The end of Black Clover still seems a long way off, since although the protagonist has received a new power-up that will allow him to defeat all wizards, he still doesn't know how to use it properly. Furthermore, I would like to point out many questions that Devil Adrammelech has taken possession of the heart of Lucifera gesture that certainly cannot go unnoticed and can have a major impact.

Indeed, it should be remembered that in the infernal realm of Black Clover the mighty devil Lucifugus is still hiding, which will certainly not be missing later. So Yuki Tabata still has a few rounds to fire and could with a new saga this will keep Black Clover for a few more years.

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