bleaching, formerly one of the Big Three of Shonen Jump along with Naruto and ONE PIECE, is about to return. The announcement of a new anime series centered on the Thousand Years War arc and the special chapter that sets the stage for the manga's return shows how keen Kubo is to return to tell about the Shinigami .

While waiting to hear more about the above projects, Tite Kubo has already given plenty of information about the future of the series by answering questions in the section Club Outside Q&A. The introduction of new characters, both allies and antagonists, will surely lead to important and unexpected changes in the narrative of the next saga, and according to the mangaka himself, we could witness itAppearance of the new Zanpakuto and the new Bankai.

Of course, one of the most spectacular and exciting moments of the work is the demonstration of the bankai, the maximum power that can be achieved with the zanpakuto. It would therefore be interesting to see new forces in the genre, but the mangaka's words still reveal uncertainty. “If I could find a medium that many readers follow and join sufficient number of pages available I want to do it one day" This is how Kubo responded to the possibility of introducing new Zanpakuto and Bankai, citing the limited space given to authors in the industry's most prestigious journals.

And what do you think of Kubo's claims? Tell us by leaving a comment below. Finally, we remind you that a poll has been launched to determine the best episode of Bleach and we leave you with the 10 most spectacular Bankai of the series.

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