Continued updates reported by Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter the focus of interest for many readers and fans of the series. The hiatus of more than three years does not seem to have detracted from the popularity and success of the adventure of Gon Freecss and his companions, who continue to receive goods of all kinds.

One of the latest and most interesting additions concerns the character of Kurapika. Professional hunter who devotes his entire career to researching the Red Eyes of the Kurata, of whose clan he is the last survivor, and especially to research Destruction of the Phantom Brigade, guilty of the clan massacre. A thirst for revenge has driven Kurapika to risk his life at the expense of greater power and versatility in combat.

All of these aspects, the personal sacrifice, the grueling search and the willingness to kill the Brigade members are summed up in the spectacular figures from RD Studio which you can see in the images below. Kurapika is at the center of a base of bloody rocks. Behind it is a small bare tree with a spider’s web, a clear reference to the Phantom Brigade symbol, which is also in the center of the base.

There are also two interchangeable busts, one showing Kurapika with the chain on his left arm and the other holding up one of the Kurata’s eyes showing his chained heart. The figure will be available in two versions, respectively scale 1:4, sold for 675 euror, and on a scale of 1:6, sold for 400 euros. The product will be launched in early 2023.

Finally, we leave you to the rumors about the release of Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter.

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