The new special episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, an animated adaptation of the arcade game that introduces a large number of new characters to the frachise, has given Yamcha the opportunity to support your own companions. Let's see how.

The original video game entitled Dragon Ball Heroesallows the player to collect different characters from the world of Akira Toriyama's manga through a series of dedicated maps. Success at home must be sought as well as the popularity of the brand, the introduction of numerous new characters and alternative forms to the old ones, as well as the addition of new techniques to Dragon Ball Heroes, as in the case of Vegetto.

The latest release associated with the title is a special animated episode in which, among the things that can most impress the viewer, we can spot the unexpected importance attached to the character of in a given scene Yamcha. The terrestrial human, introduced since the beginning of the manga, plays a mostly comic role from the Saiyan saga and loses the opportunity to participate in many of the battles that follow due to the immense difference between his own strength and that of the protagonists and the new. Enemies. But finally in the case of the episode shown in the video on the cover We can see Goku's friend in action.

In the special we can see how we fight different characters from the series and the moment of glory of our warrior Z comes when Vegetto and Beat are hit by the energy balls, however thanks to the support of Yamcha The two fighters manage to withstand the attack and can therefore immediately counterattack.

This is not the first time The arcade game gives space to the characters who have received fewer roles in the saga over the years. What do you think about it? Are you glad we returned to give more meaning to Earthlings like Yamcha? Let us know in the comments. For those interested, I will also report on news about the new aspect that Super Dragon Ball Heroes villain has received.

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